So we moved the office, sort of
We started moving the office today. It got half way to the new place. But the new place isn't all put together yet. What is done looks pretty good, but now is full of all of our crap from the old office. Yeah, it's kind of chaotic. But hey! We're a bunch of geeks moving stuff!

Good fun was had, I think, much manual labor at the very least. So I guess at this very moment we're a bunch of sweaty tired geeks. But, at least my future holds a night of Battle Star Galatica. Hopefully we'll have the last of the stuff moved to the new office on monday and everything will be up and running.
busy morning isn't it?
Ok, so I did move it from my .Mac account to my own website, and here it is running on my own website. YAY.

Maybe this will actually be incentive for me to update the site more often. Anyways, that's all for now.
It's not to bad to publish with
I got to the office and while looking at a laptop with an unhappy hard drive, I attempted to publish with RapidWeaver, and it seems to go pretty smoothly. I might not leave this here on my .Mac page though since it also supports publishing via FTP to another site.
Playing around with blogs
At work, we did a presentation on blogging at SVC the other week. I wasn't a very big contributer to it, but that's ok, it was still entertaining. Anyways, it got me thinking, would I want to do a blog? I don't really have a good reason to do one, but has that stopped a lot of other people out there doing their own?

So I've been poking around at software and such that does most of the work for you. Since none of those software packages seem to want to play happily with eachother, I get to start over each time I try something different. So far I like this one, it's a software package called RapidWeaver. I downloaded it via my .Mac account. But I reserve judgement until I am back online and can actually try and post this to my .Mac page and see how that goes. Yes, that's right, I'm writing this while offline, aka on the ferry sitting in my car on my way to work.